Thursday, February 25, 2010

Domestic Diva

Well I think we have a future martha stewart on our hands - cleaning, cooking, cooking while cleaning, we have the works. Seriously - Landrum has a very serious relationship with her vacuum (she calls it a backune)... i heard her hugging and kissing it goodbye the other day in fact :) Yesterday she whipped out her vacuum for a quick clean while still wearing her chef's hat - she was a busy girl that day!

Today we tackled brownies together. I have always imagined I would cook with my little girl - it is something I love to do and let me tell you the apple has not fallen far from the tree. Landrum loves to "cook it" which really just means stir it. Landrum was a huge help with the brownies and I am so glad she likes doing these things together!

This weekend our project is potty training. Landrum is obsessed with the potty and refuses to keep her pants or diaper on right now so i am hoping these are good signs that she is ready! we'll see how it goes :)


Katie Nalls said...

That is classic. Abigail loves to "help" me cook too but sometimes her help hurts :). I have to let my goal be the process of her helping more than finishing in a timely manner or I will go crazy! I can't believe how long Landrum's hair is She is just precious! Love to you and Jared!

Regina and David said...

what a fun thing to do together! She is growing up fast and is very adorable!

Justin and Lisa Holcomb said...

she will be just like her mommy--great at cooking, cleaning, crafty.... i miss you! man, i wish we lived closer!